My Own Path

I have mentioned (more accurately ranted about) my disenchantment with the process of getting the dream job I have spent years working towards. Since I graduated, I have been attempting to complete this process successfully, but to be honest I have only done a handful of applications.

You see at first I was ready to tackle the many tests that they would throw my way. I underestimated exactly how much blood they would draw in the process, but then I as I went along the route I felt dizzier and dizzier. I became acutely aware of exactly how much work I would have to put in to successfully complete a job application. So I made a decision. I decided that I am unwilling to repeatedly go through this process by applying to all and any company that has a vacancy. Yes, I do want a job, but then I am not going through this so I can have any job. I know that many would consider that unwise, but I am not willing to do all this, so I can spend the next few years of my life in a place where I am unhappy.

Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t expect my job to give me warm and fuzzy feelings every day, but I refuse to put myself in a position where I have to force myself to get out of bed every morning to go to a place that I hate. Yes, having a job is important, yes having money to pay those good old bills is important, but happiness also has its place.

I have honestly tried to apply to companies that don’t excite me, but halfway through the application I stop and let the deadline pass by. I know some might say it shows a lack of dedication to getting a job. I say it shows a lack of dedication to getting that particular job. When I want something, when I am passionate about something, I go for it. I know the applications I am passionate about. I know the applications that I edit, re-edit and re-edit. I know the applications that I have read over numerous times and then read out loud, then individually checked to see that each word was perfectly and correctly spelt. The applications where I have sat and mulled over the placement of a comma. And I have simply decided that those are the only type of applications I am willing to complete.

I refuse to fall into a pattern of trial and error. I am sure that if I apply for every single job, somebody somewhere will finally see what God placed in me and give me a job. However, I also believe that there is a right place to be at different points in your life. I don’t just want to be in any job. I want to work in the right place for me at the right time.

So in the same way, I don’t date man after man till I stumble on one I love and who happens to love me back, (I will expound on my dating beliefs at a later time), I am not going fill in application after application till someone says yes.

I am going to prayerfully apply for the jobs I want, knowing that my God who has always given unto me the desires of my heart will give me exactly what I want and need.

I know it sounds naïve, probably a little foolish, but I trust God to light my path before me.


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