His Mighty Hand

As a little girl, I knew of a God that parted the red sea, gave His people manna from heaven, walked on water, calmed the storms, healed the sick, raised the dead and even rose from dead. I knew of a God who spoke the whole world and all creation into existence. And I got it; God does the supernatural.

I didn't use those words at the time. “Little me” translated it into if I want anything, let's say a slice of cake (I like cake!), then God would reach down through the sky with His mighty hand and give me the best slice of cake of all time. So I'd ask for cake and when my mum would suddenly come home with some cake for me, I ate it happily (as expected), but still disappointed that it didn't fall from the sky. And I spent so long waiting for that mighty hand in the sky that I didn't see the way God kept giving me cake. I kept missing out on the beautiful fact that God does the supernatural through the natural.

When I got older and asked for patience, I thought that I would suddenly be a more patient person. I naturally assumed that God would just reach into my heart and flick on the “patient” switch. Instead, I felt more and more impatient as God blessed me with people and situations that required and taught me to take a breath. And then another breath. And another breath. And then maybe 10 more breaths.

Please don't misunderstand me, God still does supernatural things that cannot be naturally explained, such as miraculously healings or when God suddenly provides from an unexpected source. However, we can be so busy looking for the supernatural that we miss the supernatural in the natural. In my case, I write this with my family in mind.

Time and time again, El Roi (the God that sees me) has done the supernatural through my family. He has used them to provide for me, to comfort me in times of pain, to make me laugh when the world would have me cry, to build up my faith when fear wants to creep in, to teach me the meaning of love and the list goes on. To my family, my brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews, you are literally my favourite people on this earth. I love you and I am grateful to God for you.

So I end this with a question, how do you see His mighty hand in your life?

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