New Year's Resolutions: January to March

If you read my last post about 4 top tips to achieve your resolutions, you’ll know that I’m not a new year’s resolution kind of girl, however, I am working towards implementing a few changes this year. I don’t consider them to be resolutions;  they are goals that I started working towards in December and those actions will be continuing into 2018 by the grace of God.

This year instead of just setting goals for the year, I’m setting quarterly goals. This format has worked for many successful businesses over the years, so I have no problem using it to ensure that I’m successful in my personal life. I’m aware that I can’t do it all at the same time, so I’m spreading it across the year in priority and urgency order.

Highlighted in the bullet points below are my overall resolutions for this quarter (January - March) as well as the SMART goals I’ll be working towards to make that happen.

Get closer to God
  • Start reading the Bible from scratch again in a new format that will give me a different perspective. I will be using the Bible Project with the feature to set date on the reading and with daily notifications reminding me to go into the app.
  • Take time to celebrate all the good things in my life, by taking 5 minutes every day to consider the blessings in my life and to say thank you to God.
  • Consistently participate in a weekly bible study. In this case, I’m referring to the online bible study by Moment of Truth ministries on Tuesday evening via YouTube. This is accessible all over the world, so feel free to join me in this goal.

Take better care of my body and health
  • Get back into the routine of going to the gym, by using the gym at least 6 times in February and 12 times in March.
  • Go back into cooking home-made meals and taking a packed lunch to work to ensure that I eat better.
  • Learn some new healthy eating recipes by signing up for HelloFresh. HelloFresh is a service that delivers the ingredients and recipes for healthy balanced meals to your house, which you can cook quickly. They currently have January offers, so click here to see their current offers.
  • Ensure that I drink 2 litres of water a day by filling up my water bottle at work in the morning and at lunch as well as filing up a fresh bottle in the evening when I get home.
Relax more and enjoy my life
  • Start actively looking for worship nights to attend again and attend at least twice before the end of March.
  • Start re-reading all the books in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe series. Not only are these books an enjoyable read, but I also love the way they talk about who God is and present a new perspective.
  • Implement daily interaction breaks. From January to March between the hours or 10 pm to 7 am, I will not be taking phone calls or responding to messages. This lets me wind down for bed. Also, I don’t believe human beings were made for continuous interaction all day every day, but with social media, I can be talking to multiple people at the same time on different platforms from the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep.
  • Start a new hobby, that is just for me and what I enjoy. This one is already in action as I’ve recently started a YouTube channel, which you can find here.

So that’s it for this quarter, which is more than enough. Thanks for reading and comment below with your resolutions and SMART goals.

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