April's Monthly Vlogs - Small Bedroom Design Ideas & At Home Manicures

If you're new to This Girl's Insights, check out the videos below to get a sneak peek into my day to day life. And if you're already a part of the YouTube family, here's a summary of April's vlogs in case you need to catch up.  


Assembling my Ottoman Bed
My new bedroom is finally coming together with the arrival of my Ottoman Bed. All I have to do is put the bed together...simple enough, right? If only!


Small Bedroom Design Ideas
Did you think it might be a struggle to fit all the furniture into my small bedroom? Well you were wrong! I made it all fit in, the only issue was that there was then no space for me to move. So back to the floor plan we go in this vlog. Let the furniture lifting begin!


Manicure at Home
Well after all the furniture lifting, we take a pause from the DIY & Decor cause and have a spa moment with an at home manicure. Watch below to find out what "tired energy" means...you learn something new everyday.  


Zara Women's Trousers Shorts
I'm really starting to enjoy these bitesize videos. And this month, it's a dance break in these gorgeous tapered trousers from Zara.


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