December's Monthly Vlogs - Clean With Me & 2021 in Vlogs

If you're new to This Girl's Insights, check out the videos below to get a sneak peek into my day to day life. And if you're already a part of the YouTube family, here's a summary of December's vlogs in case you need to catch up.  
Bathroom Clean With Me
This video is meant to be motivating in 2 different ways. The obvious way is to motivate you to jump up and clean. It could also be your bathroom or it could be sorting out that drawer you've been meaning to sort since 2018. It's funny, cos it's true. The second less obvious way is to motivate you to simply do. Whatever it may be, be it cleaning or starting a business or finally washing your can do it. You should do it!
2021 in Vlogs
I'm back with a bitesize video! A very impromptu bitesize video. It was the last day of the year, I was sick in bed and I'd been unable to edit on my laptop. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. Mainly because I was sick and tired of being sick, but also because I kept thinking of all the things I was supposed to do that didn't get done. Then I realised, it was worth taking a moment to think about what I did do, so I looked back on my year of vlogs. I hope these memories also put a smile on your face, as they do on mine.
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