December's Monthly Vlogs - Travel With Me, Decluttering, Moving House, Clean With Me & Christmas Alone

If you're new to This Girl's Insights, check out the videos below to get a sneak peek into my day to day life. And if you're already a part of the YouTube family, here's a summary of December's vlogs in case you need to catch up.  


Travel With Me Airport Vlog
After a busy week in Germany, I'm finally heading back home sweet home. And as much as I knew there was a journey ahead of me, I couldn't have predicted the journey that was ahead of me. Check out all the drama in the vlog below.


Decluttering Time 
I've got exciting news! I'm moving house. Over the last couple years, I've somehow managed to fit a lot of things into this studio flat and not everything needs to come with me to my new 1 bedroom flat, which's time to declutter!

Moving House 
It's moving day! And seeing as I'm moving during lockdown, it means that I'm doing it all by myself. I've booked a man and van from Compare the Man and Van, but I only booked one man to reduce the amount of people I was in contact with. Use this discount code for £5 off your man and van booking: CMVNQ34AC9. And now let the heavy lifting begin!


Clean With Me
I'm not a clean freak, but I'm very big on making sure that any dirt in my flat is mine, so that means I had to make sure that all the old dirt in my new flat was gone as soon as I moved in. In this clean with me vlog, I literally cleaned every nook and cranny of this flat!


Christmas Alone & A Self Care Day
I have a separate vlog where I write a bit more about how to be alone, which you can read here. But for now let me just say, I had a delightful Christmas day. Even though, I was alone it was still family filled and restful. Whatever your holiday season looked like, I hope it was wonderful. 


Zara Flared Trousers Bitesize Video
This video is literally a few seconds long and it's simply a bit of fun. It's been a while since I've done a fashion haul, so hopefully this is a nice little throwback. And if you haven't seen them, you can watch my fashion hauls here

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