June's Monthly Vlogs - Amazon Fresh Review, Clean With Me & Decorating Ideas

If you're new to This Girl's Insights, check out the videos below to get a sneak peek into my day to day life. And if you're already a part of the YouTube family, here's a summary of June's vlogs in case you need to catch up.

Amazon Fresh Review Vlog

This was meant to be a simple vlog about trying the new amazon fresh grocery delivery service in the UK, but as they say about best laid plans...life happened! At least it keeps things interesting, so I hope it gives you at least a couple chuckles.


Choosing to be Grateful Bitesize

I'm still enjoying playing around with bitesize videos. This time around I'm playing around with some old footage, though it's still a very timely and relevant reminder that you can never be too grateful for answered prayers and God's blessings.



Clean With Me

I've been meaning to come back with another clean with me vlog for a while and this was badly needed. I'm not sure how I let my flat get into the state it was in at the start of this vlog, but it made the end of the vlog all the more satisfying. I hope this gives you a bit of motivation to clean out all the nooks and crannies in your home.


 Living Room Layout & Decorating Ideas

Now with a clean flat, I can actually think about decor. In this vlog, we're mainly in the living room as I try to figure out how to arrange my furniture in a way that lets me effectively use the space and feel comfortable living in it.

Amazon Grocery Haul

Let's talk about food! It's been a minute since my last grocery haul and my eating habits have been through quite a change since then. I'm eating more whole grain, less sugar and leaning towards Asian inspired recipes. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek into my food shopping habits.

 Manicure With Me Outtakes

I'm back with another bitesize video and this time around it's a bit of a sneak peek into the clips that didn't make the final cut of my manicure with me vlog. I've got to say I have moments where I find myself wondering, why I put these things on the internet?!

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