I Quit My Job Without Another Job Lined Up

If you follow my YouTube channel, you’ll most likely know that I quit my job late last year without my next job lined up yet.

Despite the jokes of quite a few friends in the office, it is not my intention to retire in my twenties. I wouldn’t be against that if a tidy couple million pounds came my way, however, in absence of the millions that I forgot to wish for, I’m simply taking a break to recharge and consider what I want my career to look like.

In the past, I have talked about my struggle with maintaining a work-life balance, which was a huge part of my decision to quit my job without a backup plan. Beyond that, the main reason I left my job was because I knew I wasn’t living life as God intended for me to live it. I was toiling instead of working. I needed to take a step back to look at the bigger picture and to reassess what I wanted out of my career. That is what I did in December and January. I did that and a lot of sleeping.

Now as we settle into 2019, I have a better understanding of what I want. I have the energy to focus on the job search process and I am in a better state of mind to approach a new job with an enthusiastic attitude. I will keep you updated as I prayerfully consider my next steps. In the meantime, you can watch the video below to get all the juicy details on why and how I quit my job.

Thank you for reading and watching!

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