I Got a New Job and an Instant Promotion!

I got a new job! I recently did a video talking about my new job and the amazing journey to this testimony, but now as I put fingers to touch screen to tell you all about it, I don't seem to have the words.

I'll start where all of this began. I quit my job without another job lined up. I remember telling people this and also explaining that I wasn’t going travelling or doing anything along those lines. I was just choosing me. I was setting a standard of how I expected to be treated by an employer and what I wanted from my career. This came with concerned looks of "are you sure?", "let's see where you are in a couple months and go from there". And with those moments in mind, I asked God for a testimony that would show all those concerned faces that when you move in obedience to God, He more than shows up.

So yes y'all I have a new job. But beyond that, I've got a testimony so baffling and so amazing that I don't even know where to begin. I couldn’t have predicted that I would have gone from unemployed to 2 companies vying for my attention and offering me promotions. So instead of attempting to write words that might not capture the extent of this story, I invite you to join my YouTube family and watch me as I share the testimonies about my unemployment experience, finding a job and then getting an instant promotion. And when I say instant promotion, I literally mean instant promotion. Watch the full video below.




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